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Office Opossums™ Primer:

The Office Opossums™ work at The Corp Dot Com™, an office environment that may seem a bit familiar to most of us. The Corp Dot Com Mission Statement: "We stand by everything we sell, sell nothing we build, build nothing we sell. That's our Guarantee and our Pledge to You."

Meet Travis Wright, a hard-worker with a penchant for daydreaming, and as creative at his work as he is at his loafing; zealous Bob Cramp, the no-nonsense self-appointed task-master prone to fancy business speak; Emily Ogilvey, with six advanced-learning degrees Emily is dedicated, professional, motivated – and don't you forget it; and Duncan, the only otter in the office – Master of All Trades, Jack of None. They and the other characters you will meet occupy a world that will resonate with everyone who has ever been an employee, an employer, a customer, a manager, a server – in short, anyone who has ever faced the world in which one clicks on "Start" to turn off the computer and "Talk" to end a phone call.

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